Our Story

Story of Sitema

From start-up to growth

The initial steps in Sitema’s story were struck by aside of a fireplace in early spring 2018 when the founders Juuso and Mikko of the company were celebrating completion of a project. From school days, Mikko had worked in expert roles in high-voltage networks in both the role of Developer and Contractor. Juuso had accumulated years of experience in contracting tasks in the Infrastructure Industry and Network Construction.

After a moment of pondering, there was agreement that there was an order for new ideas and factors in the Energy Infrastructure sector. Spring and summer were spent sharpening the corporate idea and vision, and many things were still seeking shape. The underlying idea was to be a unifying factor in the industry that would help parties of construction projects reach a common goal.

The company commenced in September 2018, when service offerings included the construction, supervision and professional services of Electric Grids and Telecommunications Networks. The Technopolis facilities in Oulu were selected as company HQ. Company’s first customers and orders were handled as soon as early autumn, and the order book grew steadily during the winter months.

In the spring of 2019, the move was made from “dual-entrepreneurship” to the next step when Matti Lasanen, an experienced Wind Farm Specialist, took over as the company’s first employee and Renewable Energy managing director. With the rest of the year, staff and the company continued to grow. In Sitema’s first financial year, revenues of EUR 0.5 million were achieved at 11% EBITDA and the company’s head count was six persons.

On the path of growth

2020 brought new winds with it when, as soon as early in the year, a planning manager was hired at the company. Services expanded not only to manage and supervise but also to design high-voltage networks. Increased service offerings and increased operations quickly brought new customers, projects and co-workers to the team. At the same time, the Oulu office moved on a couple of occasions and new offices were opened in Rauma and Tampere.

In March 2020, Finland closed due to a corona epidemic, but Sitema continued its work. The team dispersed to remote work each for their part, and especially in families with children, work was done between games and homework books. The new situation created uncertainty and questions, but with a flexible team, new ideas, powerful remote tools and new technologies, Sitema continued operations and growth in line with the strategy. In the exceptional situation, many new opportunities were also found to develop and enhance the activities of us and partners. With new opportunities and visions, there was also growth in the industries, with Juho Simuna taking over the services of Property Infrastructure.

Sitema continues on the path of growth. The first Staff and Customer Satisfaction Survey and feedback indicated the direction was correct. At Sitema, we enjoy exploring new adventures every day. “Freedom and responsibility”, “on the path of growth” and “work on common goal” are the guides by which the team will continue towards the future.